Coach Abrams: Cheyenne High School’s Wrestling Coach

By Clifton J.

Coach Abrams: Cheyenne High School's Wrestling Coach
Cheyenne High School’s physical education teacher, Coach Abrams, has been coaching the sport of wrestling for many years. One reason why he coaches is the influence wrestling can have on teens, keeping them away from bad influences in the streets.
Some wrestling coaches have coached for a few years, but Abrams has been coaching a lot longer. He stated, “I have coached the sport of wrestling for thirty-two years.”
Coach Abrams’ purpose for coaching is to help our community. He stated, “What I most like about coaching is that I get to see the kids learn new things and keep their minds off of bad things. With wrestling success, they can strive to do better in life.”
After coaching for so many years, Coach Abrams was asked if he had any plans for retirement. He explained, “I feel the need to retire when I get too tired to coach.” Apparently, Coach Abrams is very driven to continue to make a positive change in Cheyenne’s students.
Coaches love coaching for a variety of reasons, such as mentoring young athletes. However, for Coach Abrams, his favorite part of the sport is winning. He said, “My favorite part of the sport is to see my students win, so that I know that they’ve improved on what I’ve taught them.”
Coach Abrams will continue to be a positive influence on the students of Cheyenne for many years to come because he is a true asset.
Coach Abrams and Cheyenne High School qualified nine students to wrestle in the Nevada State Wrestling Tournament.
This is a true testament to the talent of Coach Abrams, Cheyenne High School Wrestling, the fantastic athletes that competed in the tournament, their teammates, and their families that supported them the entire season.
Congratulations Cheyenne High School Wrestling Team!