What Makes a Good Coach? Getting Set for Volleyball Season!

By Keshawn H.

Jaylin P

Coaching philosophy is an important ingredient that all coaches utilize. Mr. Armstrong, who coaches Girls’ and Boys’ Volleyball at Cheyenne High School, had a definitive philosophy to lead his teams into success this season.

He explained the three tenets of his approach to coaching. “My coaching philosophy is to open minds and hearts, enhance souls by growing righteous values within, and instill that one’s maximum effort on a daily basis is the only pure way to live an honest and fulling life. So, you could call me a three-dimensional coach.”

One philosophy is not superior to the next; in fact, every coach must have a philosophy that fits their own personality and beliefs.

Armstrong describes how he puts his philosophy into action during the season. “A typical practice starts off with being selfless. This means that sometimes we would give water to the soccer players, or other times, we would pick up trash. We like to do something selfless first, because it helps us forget about ourselves.”

Being a three-dimensional coach requires a coach to be fundamentally sound and skilled at coaching the mind and motivation of the athlete, as well as, focused on capturing and developing the heart of the player as well.

Mr. Armstrong plans to utilize his coaching philosophy next season to motivate the team to again strive for success. “My goal for next year is to be a better 3-D coach by making the playoffs again and hopefully winning the championship.”

By Coach Armstrong implementing the 3-D coaching philosophy, his team has gone from a losing record last season to a winning record this season. Congratulations Coach Armstrong on a winning season!