Steps to Life

Vivyka P.


Robbie D

Graduation Day is fast approaching at Cheyenne High School, and seniors have a lot to do in a short time period. Although this is a stressful time for seniors, Cheyenne High School offers various programs to assist in planning for the future.

Credit retrieval is an in-school and out-of-school program on the computer that allows students to retake classes they’ve failed in the past.

Ms. Bromley-Norwood, one of the credit retrieval teachers, explained her approach to guiding seniors who lack credits. “We want to make sure our seniors are at the top of their game, and make sure to encourage them daily to finished their classes no matter how many there are. There’s always enough time to do it. You just have to want it as much as we want it for you.”

Credit retrieval is vital to some seniors, because it helps them catch up in time before it’s too late. Some seniors have said it’s easier to complete classes online as opposed to in person.

Ms. Kuzniak, a 12th grade English teacher, highlighted how Cheyenne uniquely helps struggling seniors.  “Our seniors can turn somewhere and get the help that they need to be a great upcoming member in our society.”

Kuzniak has an A.P class that helps students write essays for colleges and universities. She makes sure that students have an efficient, successful way into college. Not only does she help with the essays for college, she also helps with scholarship searches and getting the best deals or offers from schools.

She reveals,  “Seniors should be able to get support like newborns. Our minds expand twice in our life; in our first couple years as toddlers, and when we are around 17 and 18. Afterwards, our minds don’t expand like that again. So you have to coach minds right and support them.”

Aside from the stress of preparing to graduate, seniors can enjoy a stress-free celebration at the end of the year. On May 21st, seniors will be going on the “Grad Night Trip” to Magic Mountain at Six Flags in California. Students can purchase tickets for $140 with the banker. Seniors should purchase their tickets quickly, because only the first 150 students can reserve their seat for that night.