Block Schedule versus Traditional Schedule

By: Aaliyah H.

This year Cheyenne High School has implemented the block schedule which is now becoming a common custom in high schools across the nation. Because block schedules contain 85 minutes, teachers get more time each day to tailor their instruction to target individual students’ needs. Previously, teachers only had 50 minutes of instructional time per class.

Kenya Finley, a senior at Cheyenne High School, explained the benefits of the new schedule. ”Block schedules are definitely helpful because teachers get to spend more time with the kids and have more time preparing for classes.”

Fewer assignments, quizzes, and homework mean less stress for students.

Not only does block schedule decrease the amount of stress on students, but it also gives them an opportunity to have more time for completing homework.

Gisselle T., a freshman attending Cheyenne, explained the benefits she’s experienced from the block schedule. “Overall, it gives me more time to focus on homework and study for classes, while not having to worry about my four other classes during the same night.”

Due to the decrease in stress because of increased time to complete learning, many students and teachers at Cheyenne High School find block schedules to be preferable to the traditional schedule.