Cheyenne Has Taken A New Approach To Learning

By: Amber G.


Cheyenne High School has introduced blended learning, which is where students rely heavily on technology for learning.

Since Cheyenne has never offered this type of course before, many students may not know if it would be an appealing choice.

Mr. Petrillo, the teacher starting the blended learning class, stated that the class will be “part literature, part assessment, and part computer learning for every class period.”

Another thing students might be confused about is what the grading policy will be for the blended learning class.

When asked about the grading policy, Mr. Petrillo explained that it will include “real-time assessment, discussion posts, and projects that will comprise a major portion of the grade.”

Mr. Petrillo has high hopes for this class, especially since he will be one of the first blended learning teachers for Cheyenne High School. “I look forward to seeing, adopting, and improving this class every day.”

This mode of instruction will be offered in Mr. Petrillo’s honors classes.