Counseling Internship at Cheyenne High School

By McKenzie C. and Bailey S.


Ivan R, Publisher

A lot of people consider pursuing a job in counseling; to get to that point one would need to go through an internship, such as the one Mr. Limbrick is completing here at Cheyenne.

An internship is an important part of earning his degree, and it’s surprising how valuable these experiences are, not only to the intern, but to the one teaching them as well.

Ms. Maiorano, the lead counselor here at Cheyenne High School, enjoys mentoring interns. “Having him here helps when we have students we need to talk with. Just having someone else’s opinion so readily available is helpful as well.”

A counselor’s job can be more complex than some might imagine, even stressful.

Ms. Maiorano mentioned some advantages and disadvantages to the job. “Interacting with kids and being able to be a counselor is typically why most people want to be a counselor,” Maiorano stated. “If he [Mr. Limbrick] can  balance the paperwork and have fun doing the job, that’s what I’d like him to learn.”

Many people may consider going into this line of work without knowledge of how a typical day of a counselor looks.

Mr. Limbrick is nearing the end of his internship and will be returning to his studies to become an official counselor. Cheyenne High School and its students have definitely benefited from his presence and wish him well on his journey!