Counselor Cafe

By: Jordi M. & Samantha A.


Counselor Cafe is a great activity in the cafeteria where counselors and students can come together, hang out, and play games.

During both lunches on Wednesdays, counselors will be available to talk to students. There are a variety of games to play- from Monopoly and Jenga to Connect Four.

Ms. Maiorano, the head counselor at Cheyenne, organized this effort to bring students and counselors together. She explains, “I think it’s a great way to interact with the students in a fun and positive way.”

During Counselor Cafe, students can talk about life plans, academics, or any any other issue in which they need advice.

Ms. Maiorano discussed other benefits to the Cafe. “It gets the counselors to interact with students more than just calling them up to our office.”

Students that participate in this program find other advantages, such as new friendships. Nathaniel Davies, a senior at Cheyenne, agrees. “Counselor Cafe is fun; I meet new people that I can now call friends.”
This lunch program is another unique method Cheyenne uses to create support for the student body. Counselor Cafe is free to students and will run for the remainder of the school year.