Global Education Exchange

By: Aidai S.

Global Education Exchange

This year Cheyenne High School accepted several foreign exchange students to share American culture.

Ambassadors of Brazil, Kyrgyzstan, Thailand, Colombia, Germany, and China are getting the American experience at Cheyenne where both students and teachers are glad to share their culture. Most of the exchange students say that it was difficult to be in the United States for the first time. Each of their home countries has different educational systems, which lead to foreign exchange students experiencing periods of adaption.

Robin Z., a foreign exchange student from Germany, attended Cheyenne High School for part of the 2016-2017 school year. He explained his foreign exchange experience. “American life was hard at first. I thought I would fail. But thanks to good friends and great teachers, I was able to overcome adaptation difficulties.”

Cheyenne High School offers interesting clubs after school, which the exchange students said the schools in their countries did not offer. They said they enjoyed Drama Club, Robotics, Key Club and Cheyenne’s sports teams. In these clubs and organizations, the exchange students made good friends and experienced more of American culture.

Robin Z. expressed a similar idea about American clubs and sports. “Any exchange student has to get everything from their experience. So now I regret that I did not take any sports at school when I had an opportunity.”

When questioned about which country he liked better, Robin said that different countries are “not any better, nor worse, just different.” These words summarize the feelings of all of Cheyenne’s foreign exchange students.

Cheyenne High School expects to welcome many more exchange students in the following years since it is very important to share each other’s cultures.