Cheyenne High School’s Chess Team Dukes It Out In the Gym

By: Jenny M.


Cheyenne High School’s gym hosts many events from basketball to drill matches. Before winter break, the chess team held a competition to determine the ultimate chess player of our school.

The competition was set up for three rounds and eight competitors which eventually became the final two contestants. The competitors were Orlando L., Jesse H., Sherilyn S., Terry C., William P., Alexander D., Alexis R., and Noah F.

The event kicked off with the band playing a Star Wars theme featuring our talented dance team and the cheerleaders.

Then the match began with four teams of two competing against one another. Each student competed intensely to win. The host, Mr. Nyren, summed it up perfectly, “This is war on a small scale!”

The duels ended one after another and the players moving on were decided. Orlando, Sherilyn, Terry, and Jesse all progressed to the next round.

Sherilyn was able to progress to the next round due to her opponent’s underestimation of her skill. She stated, “It was easy, really easy since he was so overconfident.”

The second round commenced with Sherilyn versus Orlando and Jesse versus Terry. Each one wanted to win in order to move on to the last round. Each player moved their pieces till the last second, and the winner of the battles was determined. Jesse won with ease and Orlando came up with a four pawn lead, which led to the final round.

Orlando and Jesse were the last players competing against one another to win the title. After a difficult battle of strategy and intuition, Orlando “The Slayer” won with outstanding skill.

Being humble to his victory Orlando said, ”Jesse, he was my toughest opponent; he just knew what he was doing.”

The competition came to a close with Orlando being named the ultimate chess champion and displaying his championship belt proudly.