National Honor Society Shows that Our Community Matters

By: Anthony W.


David P

The National Honors Society (NHS) at Cheyenne High School is changing the lives of community members. Students involved in this program have a desire to change lives for the better.

Nicholas Falsey, a member of NHS, explained how joining this organization has changed him.

“National Honors’ Society has allowed me to volunteer at numerous community service events and work towards my goal of attending college.” An important part of Cheyenne’s success derives from the student body working together to reach goals as Desert Shields.

Another member of the program discussed the benefits he’s derived from joining NHS which illustrates the communal spirit of the program.

Sergio, a senior at Cheyenne, learned beneficial life skills from others in the program. “I learned how to build a resume and made tons of friends at the same time.”

There are many unseen benefits the program provides students. Ms. Thomas, advisor of NHS, explains some of the advantages of the program.

“First, I feel that they have recognition for having a high GPA for being accepted into this program. Second, it teaches them better skills for college preparation. And last, the community is enhanced.”

National Honors’ Society is currently seeking new members. Any student who enjoys fellowship and community involvement could visit Ms. Thomas in room 201 to get more information.