Breaking Barriers Between School and Home

By: Dominique R.


At Cheyenne, Communities in Schools is used to create a good environment for the students by providing school supplies, clothing, food, and programs that help children focus on their education.

In the community, there are many unprivileged children; some come to school hungry and wearing the same clothes as yesterday. Many children might never admit it, but some are going through tough times, and that is why Communities in Schools was created.  

Communities in Schools is paired up with many organizations that focus on ensuring that children get their education. Some programs that Communities in Schools are paired up with are deeply rooted all across Las Vegas, such as Project 150 and Three Square, which are also mainly focused on education. Other resources, like Job Connect and Parenting Project, ensure that students are secure by providing them with connections to job opportunities.  

Communities in Schools tries to fix any issue that may get in the way of students staying in school; they give children all the necessities and resources needed to succeed academically. By working with programs like Eye Care 4 Kids and Betty’s Boutique, Communities in Schools ensures that the students have no barriers keeping them from success, regardless of whether it is a medical or financial issue.

Communities in Schools realizes the importance of establishing relationships with the students and welcoming them to the program. Ms. Fox, a coordinator for the program, explained, “Anytime you build relationships, that’s truly what community service is about…there is a connection, and they know they’re not alone. If we can’t do it ourselves, then we give the resources and places so that they can succeed.”

Ms. Erica, another coordinator in the program, shared a similar perspective. “It’s all about reliability- I can be a reliable figure for the students. Having consistency plays a huge role. It is important students know that we are a reliable and consistent presence in their lives.” The coordinators do not just want students to succeed in school but also in the long run of their lives.

Communities in Schools will continue their work to break barriers between home and school and guide our students to persevere academically. Any students looking for a sanctuary at school, please come to room 210, and visit Communities in Schools.