New Class Helps Cheyenne Students Gain Confidence with Communication Skills

By: Auriah H.

New Class Helps Cheyenne Students Gain Confidence with Communication Skills

Cheyenne High School’s speech and debate class just started this year and is already helping students become influential speakers, win more arguments, and be better researchers.

Some students have social anxiety and try to avoid public speaking at all costs. This class teaches them to overcome their fear and enjoy themselves while doing it.

Ms. Nava, the instructor of speech and debate, comments “Shy speakers walk out of the room with a sense of accomplishment and confidence, because they have conquered their fear of public speaking.”

The class begins a new project each month such as writing a speech about something significant happening in the world or developing some type of debate. Each project helps students overcome their fear/anxiety by introducing them to an uncomfortable, yet safe situation.

Ms. Nava maintains the same view. “No one likes to be proved wrong! I have yet to find one person who enjoys losing arguments. This is why my course is so important; you’ll always be able to defend yourself and prove others wrong.”

Speech and Debate class not only helps students of all grades improve their speaking skills and their argumentative skills, but this class also teaches students new ways to research; students can carry these skills to other classes, such as English.

Kiara G., a 12th grader currently taking Ms. Nava’s class explains how the class has helped her. “My research skills have improved tremendously, the class has taught me to have a more focal point for research.”

Throughout the school year students of all grades have been learning to improve their argumentative, speaking, and researching skills.

The class is currently accepting students for the 2017-2018 school year. Interested students should visit with their counselors to sign up.