e-Books: A New Edition to Cheyenne’s Library

By: Ceeria G.

Cheyenne’s library is adding an innovative way to read and enjoy books electronically through an app called OverDrive. Students will now be able to access available books on the web, iPad, IOS or Android.


Since it’s an app, students can access the books anywhere in the world. It’s similar to reading a book on a Kindle or an iPad.


For those who go to the public library, they’ll be familiar with the electronic books, because public libraries have have had access to e-books some time now.


The e-books will be available year-round for students and teachers. Checking a book out electronically is similar to the traditional checkout process; students and teachers can even check books out during the summer.


Susan Tomlinson, Cheyenne High School librarian, shared her excitement. “I am most definitely going to be checking the books out myself. There will be a wide range of books to choose from, and all students and staff are open to check out the e-books. “


The library will have over 300 books to check out. In order to check out the books, students need to have an electronic device. The way the e-books checkout process works is students will need to sign in with their school ID number. Students will then have access to the books for two weeks at which time the books automatically check themselves back in.


Students can get their log-ins from the librarian to start checking out e-books today!