The Stop Hate And Promote Peace Campaign Helps Cheyenne Students Unwind!


Stefen C. & Alexia C., Staff Writers

The Stop Hate and Promote Peace Campaign was created to help students cope with stressors that potentially impede them from academic success.

Ms. Ashlee Ramus, a member of Communities in Schools, said, “The Stop Hate and Promote Peace Campaign let students know that we can come together as an unit, regardless of our various backgrounds.”

Everyone on campus enjoyed the peaceful feeling that day. There was harmony.”

— Sean C.

Ms. Harenberg, an English teacher on campus and also one of the directors of the Stop Hate and Promote Peace Campaign, helped to create fun activities, raffle tickets, gift cards, and a dunk tank, so students could participate in a fun-filled, stress-relieving activity on campus.  “There’s also a social media campaign on Twitter promoting peace,” explained Harenberg.

The event, which took place in the cafeteria during both lunches, included performances by Cheyenne High School’s dance and band students. Feeling the positive vibes, students wrote messages that were displayed to promote peace and unity on campus while enjoying food and cotton candy for participating.

Sean C., a sophomore who attended the event, explained how the event affected the school’s atmosphere.  “Everyone on campus enjoyed the peaceful feeling that day. There was harmony,” said Sean C.

For the 2017-2018 school year, the directors are hoping to include this event in every quarter.