Cheyenne JROTC Students Attend Leadership Challenge in Arizona!


Samantha A., Staff Writer

On April 3rd, cadets from Cheyenne’s JROTC program traveled to Fort Huachuca, Arizona to take part in the JROTC Junior Cadet Leadership Challenge.

Approximately 146 Nevada high school students enrolled in the Army JROTC program arrived in Huachuca for a weekend to test the limits of their endurance, stamina, and leadership capabilities.

The typical daily routine for Junior Cadet Leadership Challenge (JCLC) attendants consisted of a 5:30 a.m. wake up call, movement to breakfast at 6:30 a.m., with strength, confidence, and leadership training beginning as early as 8 a.m.

JROTC Camp activities included marksmanship, first aid, land navigation, the leader’s reaction course, and team work. The Army Junior Cadets continued in their efforts to excel, grow in confidence, and grow in leadership during the five-day camp experience.

Integrating with a group of new people can be daunting, so the leaders challenged cadets to step out of their comfort zones by teaming up with other schools’ companies that possessed different skills and abilities.. First Sergeant Vega, one of the leaders of the JROTC program at Cheyenne High School, discussed the purpose of moving cadets out of their comfort zones. “By the second day, they learned to make new friends and just fall in line.”

Vega’s theory was put to practice on multiple levels throughout JCLC as cadets worked through training and leadership activities designed to build trust and confidence in their teammates. JCLC was also an excellent way to learn different schools’ approaches to living the JROTC’s motto: for our country.

Standout cadets were awarded for displaying their skills in a variety of competitive events. Cadet Sergeant Ryan B., a Cheyenne High School sophomore in the program, was one cadet who earned an award. “Getting awarded… it’s really emotional for me, because I never thought I would personally get awarded,” said Buchanan. Cadet Private Angel B., a freshmen at Cheyenne, also received an award for the Most Improved Junior Cadet.

Upcoming events for JROTC include the cadets volunteering at Cheyenne’s graduation ceremony on June 12th at the Orleans Arena.