Cheyenne’s Special Needs Students Receive Individual Attention!


Ethan E. & Matteo B., Staff Writers

Whether it be in the classrooms or in the hallways, Cheyenne’s Special Needs Program consists of a dedicated team of teachers and students working together to provide a safe and calm environment for special needs learners.

It is important that every special needs classroom is organized to meet each student’s very unique and individual needs. Although rare, complications can arise from events such as lack of personal attention or from classrooms that are too loud. In order to combat this stress, teachers are mindful about providing students with an abundance of personal attention, and classrooms environments are conducive to learning.

Mrs. Carla Mummer, a special education teacher, has worked with special needs students for six years. She enjoys every second of her work; as well as the challenge to maintain a stable, productive atmosphere for all her students. “They are always enthusiastic, always happy, and enjoy school work. They are ready to learn!,” said Ms. Mummer.

Like all Cheyenne students, Special Education students are held to a high standard. Ms. Lenita Austin, Cheyenne’s Student Physical Therapist Assistant, explained, “One of our challenges is to make sure all the students progress at the same academic level and that no student is left behind.”

More advanced students in the program sometimes complete work at a much quicker pace than their peers. Fortunately, there are student aides in this class who enjoy working with students individually to challenge more advanced students and to help other students greatly increase their skills and comprehension.

Carly H., a student aide who works with special needs students at Cheyenne, explained how she assists students with special needs. “I like working with everyone and seeing how each student learns in their own unique way,” said Carly H., who hopes to continue working with this program next year.

Through collaborative efforts, the staff and students at Cheyenne have created an engaging experience for Cheyenne’s special needs community!