Title I Monies Fund Important Efforts at Cheyenne!!!

Title I Monies Fund Important Efforts at Cheyenne!!!

Jenny M., Staff Writer

Cheyenne students may not be aware that important funds, called Title I funds, provide for a significant part of their educational experience.

Title I funding provides financial assistance to schools in which a high percentage of students come from low-income families. These funds are provided to supplement existing programs that help underprivileged students achieve on rigorous state standards.

Cheyenne received $271,075 in Title I monies this year. Some of this money was used to fund the Credit Recovery program and after-school tutoring programs, which are vital to students who want to graduate on-time with their peers. Many other facets of the school’s day-to-day operations derive from Title I funds. These enhancements directly benefit the learning of all students. Some benefits that Title I monies provided for this year are: improving teaching and learning through professional development and collaboration; reducing class size by hiring four additional teachers; purchasing software that provides students with rigorous practice in mastering state standards; and acquiring additional technology in the form of Chromebooks, desktops, and refurbishment of existing computer labs.

There are other sources of funding, such as monies from the state, that provide our school with about an $8 million dollar budget. There are a variety of people, from parents and teachers to administration, who have a say in where this money will be spent.

Ms. Lopez, an English teacher and member of the Site Organizational Team (SOT), explains how the SOT determines where the funding is allocated. “We’re really trying to look at how we are using this money to best support what students really need. Usually, what we’re looking at is to make sure we’re putting it into programs, for example, graduation programs. You want to make sure every student that comes through Cheyenne has the best opportunity to graduate,” said Lopez.

Next year, in order to continue receiving Title I funds that benefit Cheyenne students, families need to fill out paperwork to qualify for free and reduced lunch. The amount of money received by the Title I grant is dependent on the number of students in the population that qualify for lunch assistance.

Go to the following site to apply for school lunch- https://www.myschoolapps.com/