Football Game Between Cheyenne High School and Canyon Springs High School Promotes Unity!


Ceeria G. & Sean C, Staff Writers

The Cheyenne High School Varsity Football Team plays Canyon Springs at Cheyenne this Friday, September 1st, to strengthen the bonds between both school’s communities in the Unity Bowl.


The rivalry between both schools has added to the competitive spirit of the yearly football game, and though the game is considered a “rivalry game,” Cheyenne and Canyon students know each other well. The schools are both on Alexander Road, are less than four miles away from each other, and many Canyon and Cheyenne students are family members or friends.


Carlton Lamb, Cheyenne’s Head Football Coach, previously coached for Canyon Springs, which only adds to the dramatic tension on the field. Lamb is fiercely committed to seeing a Cheyenne win.


“It’s been a pretty intense rivalry, and because we are so close, not only is there player interest, but also community interest. Both schools are spirited about the game,” said Coach Lamb.


Wesley Federson, Cheyenne Varsity wide receiver, discussed the mindset Coach Lamb instills into his players. “We plan to play a physically aggressive, yet disciplined game, while still having fun and showing sportsmanship,” said Federson.

We plan to play a physically aggressive, yet disciplined game, while still having fun and showing sportsmanship”

— Wesley Federson

Beginning at 4 pm on Friday, September 1st, both school’s communities can socialize and unify at “Yard Fest” in Cheyenne’s quad area. The Office of Clark County Commissioner Lawrence Weekly has organized this fantastic event. Admission is free, and participants can enjoy a variety of food trucks, music, and games.


Howard University will also be at “Yard Fest” to inform students about Howard University and all that Howard has to offer all students who wish to attend.


Even though the atmosphere pre-game will promote unity, once the game starts, Cheyenne’s varsity team is in it for the win. The crowd is in for a fantastic game!


Thank you in advance for supporting the Cheyenne High School Varsity Football Team and helping unite our two North Las Vegas communities on Friday, September 1st at the Unity Game!


Kickoff starts at 7pm, and tickets are $3 for students and $5 for adults. The only high school students that will be allowed to enter are Cheyenne and Canyon Springs students, per CCSD Athletics practices.