The Cheyenne Cheer Team Moves in a New Direction with New Leadership


The Cheyenne Cheer Team is becoming spectacular with their new coach, Ms. Matlock, and co-coaches, Ms. Delilah Rodriguez, and Ms. Darnisha Thomas.


Ms. Matlock was selected as the new cheer coach, because she was well-loved and appreciated throughout the school for being a great counselor and dance coach. Under her guidance, the cheerleaders are full of spirit, practice weekly, and are coming together as a unit.


This is Coach Matlock’s first year of coaching cheer at Cheyenne, but Ms. Matlock is no stranger to the cheerleading community. She has been teaching cheer and dance for over 20 years throughout the city. She explained, “I have my own outside dance and cheer team, so when the opportunity presented itself to coach here, I took advantage of it.”


Coach Matlock keeps the team focused to proudly and successfully represent Cheyenne High School. She coaches in a way that prepares girls for life, as well as for the field and competitions. Jayla A., one of Cheyenne’s cheerleaders explains, “Ms. Matlock is the best coach ever! She’s understanding and encourages us to do better.”  Matlock’s approach has helped her create many bonds with the girls on the cheer team and their families.


Ms. Matlock expressed that she could not be successful if not for the help of co-coaches, Ms. Delilah Rodriguez and Darnisha Thomas.


Ms. Rodriguez, who helps the team with stunts and tumbling, researches how to tumble and stunt in ways that win competitions. Coach Darnisha Thomas assists with many behind-the-scenes details that keep the team running. Co-coach, Darnesha Thomas, explained the effect Matlock has had on the team. “Her love and support towards the girls keep them grounded and rooted in what they love to do… which is cheering,” said Thomas.


The team is currently preparing for a competition in January. Cheyenne High School is excited to see great things from Coach Matlock and the Cheyenne High School Cheer Team!