Cheyenne High School Key Club Brings the Community Together!


Cheyenne High School’s Key Club, led by Mrs. Bromley-Norwood, is a club that focuses on building up the community through volunteerism.


The Key Club’s goal is to lead and be a good example for Cheyenne’s community by being of service to others. Mrs. Bromley-Norwood, the advisor, explained the steps the Key Club takes to be role models in the community.  “The Key Club wants to help other people and demonstrate that students are very willing to make sure that others in need have assistance,” said Bromley-Norwood.


Through Kiwanis I have the opportunity to be a part of the big picture, positively affecting many lives in small ways”

— Joane F.



Kiwanis International, the umbrella organization of Key Club, works with Cheyenne to provide service opportunities to Cheyenne students who want to volunteer their time to help out with larger-scale challenges. A member of Kiwanis International visits Cheyenne’s Key Club to work with students.


The Key Club has helped organize Cheyenne’s annual Halloween Club Fest. This event takes place in front of the school theater and will include a haunted house inside. Vanessa C., the President of Cheyenne’s Key Club, was part of the effort to put the festival together. “Friends and families can come out to play games, win prizes, dance, get their face painted, and enjoy food and soft drinks,” said Vanessa.


If you enjoy working with others to help your community, join Key Club! The club meets every Wednesday after school in room 321.