The Nevada Promise Scholarship: An Opportunity that Should Not Be Missed!


Mike C. and Corey G.

The Nevada Promise Scholarship is an amazing opportunity for seniors going to college who need financial aid. It is a guaranteed acceptance for students who meet the requirements.


Senate Bill #391 has passed in Nevada, which allows for students to receive up to three years of college tuition at no cost to them. There are several colleges in Nevada that will accept this financial aid package: College of Southern Nevada, The Great Basin College, Truckee Meadows Community College, and Western Nevada College.


Ms. James, a scholarship counselor for Cheyenne High School, explained that there could be other fees which are not covered by the Nevada Promise Scholarship. “In order to figure out what the other mandatory fees are, students will need to definitely contact the individual colleges they are interested in,” said James.


Recently, there has been much debate from the political arena about the high cost of college. Nevada has enacted this scholarship in order to fix that problem.

One of the reason colleges cost so much to attend is because college spend a good portion of tuition paying for administrators and instructors.

Ms. James further explained, “What the legislators have done is they’ve figured out a way where employees of universities can still be employed, but yet it’s not going to hurt students’ pockets.”

Not all colleges support the scholarship just yet. If more universities were to support the Nevada Promise Scholarship, more students would have opportunities to complete their education within the state of Nevada.

“In Tennessee all of the colleges and universities are partnering. Here in Nevada, we only have four colleges that are actually partnering, but we need to get all of our universities on board. Then, and only then, are we going to see 100% of our students going to the colleges, staying here at home instead of leaving us for an out of state college,” said James.

Roughly half of Cheyenne’s senior class has applied for the Promise Scholarship. Cheyenne High School believes in the Promise Scholarship and is happy to support this fantastic opportunity for students.