Show Choir Always Impresses the Crowd!


Madelynn K., Staff Writer

Cheyenne’s Show Choir dazzles audiences by performing songs with singing, dancing, and expression to create a musical show that entertains all.


Show Choir performs using a broad range of genres and incorporates techniques that are different from the traditional choir classes at Cheyenne. The songs performed may range from contemporary to jazz and include solos from talented students. In addition to singing, show choir incorporates movement, expression, and action.


Ms. McClure, who is Cheyenne’s Choir Director, explained the point of show choir.  “Each individual is there to dazzle and show off their technique,” said McClure.


In addition to gaining performance skills, students in Show Choir gain valuable life skills. Preparing for a show helps students develop collaboration skills while learning to think selflessly. McClure explained, “Show Choir helps students to become confident as an individual and as a musician, while being able to be expressive and show their passion.”


In order to be in the class, students had to audition by showing their performance skills. This means that only a few students were accepted into the class. This select group of students have formed a meaningful bond that goes beyond the music itself.  


Vanessa C., a 10th grade Alto singer, explained her feelings towards her fellow choir members. “We treat each other like family. It’s a smaller group from last year so we get to bond more. We’re all happy to be in the class, we like the teacher, and we like the group!” said Carrillo.


This year Ms. McClure is preparing the Show Choir class to compete at festivals and perform at various venues.