Journalism Club Uses Writing to Enhance Student Life and Culture at Cheyenne High School.


Joshua B., Staff Writer

The Journalism Club at Cheyenne High School has a mission to ensure students’ voices are heard and they are using investigative journalism techniques to enhance the campus experience of Cheyenne High School students.


To determine the concerns students want to be addressed, the club created a survey that was taken by Ms. Chaban’s English classes. Out of 104 students polled, 34% of the students reported that they want a later start time for school; 20% want longer passing periods; and, 11% want to improve the ambiance on Cheyenne’s campus.


Journalism Club’s unexpected creation was sparked by club president, Jenny M’s, interest in social justice. She discussed why she collaborated with the club’s advisor, Ms. Chaban, to bring this forum to Cheyenne. “Journalism Club is here to fight to make a change through writing and research. The written word will always be the most powerful fighter,” said Jenny.


In order to prepare members to write powerfully, experienced club members plan to teach those new to journalism the writing process. New members of the club will learn about the systematic method that is used to discover and write about the news. Then they will learn the basics of investigative journalism. Armed with this knowledge, the Journalism Club hopes to write a proposal to the district to request a later start time at Cheyenne High School.


Briana R, Secretary of the Journalism Club, believes that the effect of trying to enact communal change will have a positive effect on Cheyenne students. “It will get the students more involved with the school and build a stronger community for the students,” said Briana.


Ms. Chaban, the adviser, thought participation in the journalism club would be exciting. She explained, “I really enjoy that the students understand the power of writing and want to use it to make the school environment better.”


For those interested in joining Journalism Club, members are accepting writing submissions to allow entry. Students can join the Journalism Club’s Google Classroom by using code “97t5x0w” to find the submission requirements, or visit room 920 on Thursday afternoons from 1:30-2:30 P.M. for more information.