Actors in Cheyenne’s Production of La Gringa are Ready to Give Outstanding Performances!!!


Cast members with Mr. McLemore read through the script of La Gringa.

Lilith D., Staff Writer

Cheyenne’s production of La Gringa starts soon, and while most students go home right after school, the cast of La Gringa is rehearsing twice a week, preparing to deliver their lines in Spanish and English. Getting into the cast was a process.


Getting into the cast of La Gringa was no easy task.  Potential coast members had to complete paperwork and demonstrate proficiency at “sight reading.” Sight reading is when an actor is given a script that they have to immediately memorize and use improvision to bring characters to life.


Sean McLemore, Cheyenne’s theater director, explained his criteria for auditionees. He said, “What we are constantly looking at is if you are able to take direction. Many people don’t understand you are auditioning the minute you walk through the door; it’s not just when you walk on stage. We are looking at how you interact with people.”


After the audition the actors has to wait for a “call back”. Waiting for the results can be pretty nerve wracking, and actors have to be prepared to hear they didn’t get the part.


Hannah S., a senior who will be playing the part of Norma in La Gringa, offered her advice on how to handle rejection. “If you want to pursue a career in acting, the biggest advice I can give to you is don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a part. You may not be right for that play. The casting directors might have liked you and may want to put you in a future play. Keep acting! Keep trying”


On average, over 20 people audition to be in Cheyenne’s theater productions, and McLemore is always looking for more people to try out. Auditionees might not get casted immediately, but students are able to audition multiple times.


Makayla G., who is cast as the main character in the play, offered some advice on auditioning. “Actors should practice projection and emotions they could be feeling as the character,” explained Makayla.

While it’s too late to audition for La Gringa, Cheyenne’s spring musical auditions will be held sometime in February. La Gringa will have two performances in Cheyenne’s theatre on Thursday, December 14 and Friday, December 15th.