Cheyenne’s Varsity Men’s Basketball Team Looks Forward to Another State Championship Appearance!


Tiyonne L. & Kieory H.

Cheyenne High School’s Men’s Basketball season is beginning, and Head Coach Teral Fair is ready to lead the team to another state championship game appearance.


Coach Fair explained the qualities needed to be on Cheyenne’s men’s basketball team. “Players need a combination of basketball skills, basketball acumen–which is basketball intelligence–knowledge of the game, willingness and ability to work hard, and also character off the court,” said Fair.


Basketball is a lot more than just a sport. The game teaches players morals and values that guide them through various challenges and obstacles they may face throughout their lives.


Fair elaborated on the values he teaches his players. “We don’t necessarily prepare them only for games. We believe in teaching life skills as our philosophy, and that will prepare players for anything they may come across–any opponent, any game, any challenge, any obstacle that they may face on and off the court,” said Fair.


Coach Fair also shared his thoughts on character, work ethic, and dedication from players.


“Developing good work ethics, developing good habits [is important],” explain Fair. “When you commit to something, you want to give it your all while you’re there. No one is a hundred percent every day, but whatever you are on that day, we want a hundred percent of that,” Coach Fair explained.


For this upcoming season, Coach Fair has his sights set on another state championship appearance for the Desert Shields. The desire to play in the championship game will motivate Cheyenne’s basketball players to work hard.  With the right determination and effort, Cheyenne Men’s Varsity Basketball Team’s future is bright!