Cheyenne’s Marching Band is Ready to Motivate!


Madelynn K., Staff Writer

When you hear the pounding drums during the “War Chant” across Cheyenne, you know it’s the Marching Desert Shields ready to excite. The marching band’s mission is to motivate and teach students while always thrilling the crowd at any event.


Cheyenne’s Marching Band performs at assemblies, football games, basketball games, and at other events and important venues. Director Siobhan Fergiels understands the importance of upholding school traditions while adding new and exciting songs that represent the energy of Cheyenne.


According to Fergiels, “Marching band is the face and the ambassadors of the band program and even the school.”


The band leadership council consists of students chosen for their ability to guide their fellow students. In this role, students have to put their fears aside, so they can organize and develop students’ talent. Leadership members agree that the greatest part of being in the band is meeting all different types of people and working to create music with one another.


Assistant Drum Major, Karla S., and Percussion Captain, James G., describe band as something that brings people together. They both agree that being in marching band forms their identity. In addition, Karla and James explained that marching band members train just as hard and are just as dedicated as athletes at Cheyenne.


The halftime show performed by the Marching Desert Shields on Friday, October 20th included  songs such as “Final Countdown,” “To Be Real,” and “Pass the Peas.” To root on the school, the band assembled on the field into the letters of the school’s name (C.H.S.). The halftime show was regarded as a huge success by people from the audience and by the band members themselves.


“It was a combination of dancing, playing, and marching. So, we put it all together to create entertainment for the crowd,” Drum Major Andrianna P. described. She then expressed how proud she is of her band and how far they’ve come since the summer.


The hard work and dedication by the Marching Desert Shields will continue to be shown throughout the rest of the year. One of their upcoming performances was the Band Winter Concert on December 11th. Band is also encouraging students to join the Marching band regardless of experience.


“The biggest part of marching band is stepping out of your comfort zone and putting yourself out there,” said Andrianna P.


Cheyenne is proud of the fantastic performances from marching band!