Shield Shelter Provides Supplies for Cheyenne High School Students


Carlos P., Staff Writer

At Cheyenne High School, students can receive many forms of help from Shield Shelter at any time of the school day. If a student needs school supplies, personal hygiene items, or food items, they can obtain them in the shelter located in room 210. There are no income or living situation requirements; students simply to go to Ms. Harenberg or Ms. Matlock to obtain access to needed supplies.


Ms. Harenberg, who runs Shield Shelter, explained how Shield Shelter helps Cheyenne students. “Who benefits from it is any student here at Cheyenne who has a need. Really the purpose of Shield Shelter is to help our homeless, displaced, and disadvantaged students,” said Harenberg.


The four main things that Shield Shelter helps students with are food, clothes, school supplies, and toiletries. Additional supplies that can be obtained from the shelter are: deodorant, toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, school supplies, and clothes. Food is also given to students, whether it is a meal for lunch or food for the weekend.


Ms. Harenberg feels the Shield Shelter provides a needed service to the community. “No student at Cheyenne should ever feel like they are not able to come to school because they don’t have the right clothes or because they’re hungry or because they don’t have school supplies. We don’t want any of those things to be a barrier to their education.”


Most of the school supplies, clothing, and food items are donated from various organizations, such as Project 150, Title I Hope, Three Square Food Bank, and other community businesses. The Shield Shelter also receives donations from Cheyenne students and staff. With more and more students taking advantage of the help provided by the Shield Shelter, a need is created for more donations and volunteers.


According to Ms. Harenberg, the amount of students that visit Shield Shelter has grown. “I would say that Shield Shelter’s use has steadily increased, and part of that is because the word gets out. That always helps. The more we can publicize that Shield Shelter is here for all students of Cheyenne, the more students we are going to see.”


Staff, students, or organizations who’d like to donate or volunteer can contact either Ms. Harenberg at [email protected] (room 213), or contact Ms. Matlock at [email protected] (room 217). Students who’d like to obtain supplies from Shield Shelter can visit Ms. Matlock or Ms. Harenberg for assistance.