Three Square Partners with Cheyenne High School to Provide Nutritious Meals


Joshua B., Staff Writer

Cheyenne High School, in collaboration with Three Square, has started a program that gives students the opportunity to have healthy, after-school meals.


Ms. Matlock, the Three Square liaison for Cheyenne High School, explained how she brought this program to the school. “One of my duties here at Cheyenne High School is to attend to our underprivileged population; and Three Square is one of the entities that I assist with.”


Three Square, Southern Nevada’s only food bank, is providing healthy and balanced meals, free-of-charge, to students who stay after-school for sports and clubs. The meals include chicken, cheese, pretzels, fruits, and vegetables. “The students are getting fresh food. Chefs from the Las Vegas Strip, that are working in all of our amazing casinos, volunteer to make these meals for the students,” said Matlock.


Advisors and coaches have already seen their students enjoying the much-needed after-school snack. Ms. Bromley-Norwood, the adviser of Key Club, stated her thoughts on the after-school meals. “Having meals available for students who stay after school for programs–whether it be athletics, clubs or tutoring–is a phenomenal idea,” said Bromley-Norwood. She further explained that the benefit of after-school meals is giving students who haven’t had an opportunity to eat a chance to have a healthy meal.


Students have had positive reviews of the after-school meal program. Ricardo C., a member of Key Club, is grateful. “As a student who stays after school, not everybody has the opportunity to eat during the school day and is hungry until after school. The after-school meals are a great addition to the school.”


Three Square began providing meals in the cafeteria starting on November 13th, 2017. Students can pick up meals from Monday through Thursday starting at 2 P.M. Food is available on each of those days until the supplies run out for the day.