Cheyenne’s Newest Mural Symbolizes School Pride!!!

By: Ceeria G, Staff Writer

Cheyenne Mural

Cheyenne High School students are creating a mural on the inner front doors of the school to show off their creativity and to bring a little life to the quad area.


A team that consisted of the principal, Dr. Robbins; a counselor, Ms. Matlock; and an art teacher, Ms. Diodati launched a contest for students to create Cheyenne’s next murals.


Dr. Robbins explained the purpose of the mural. “We wanted to put up another mural to ensure that this generation of Cheyenne students get an opportunity to show what represents them artistically and what makes them the most happy about Cheyenne,” said Robbins.


Jenny M., Guadalupe S., Alicia A.-all Cheyenne juniors-and Joana M.- a Cheyenne senior-were the winners of the contest. Art work was chosen out of 25 entrants to be represented in the mural. In November, the artists merged their concept art together to form the mural being painted. All four artists are proud that their art will become part of Cheyenne’s legacy.

All four artists are proud that their art will become part of Cheyenne’s legacy.”

Jenny M. expressed the pride she feels that her art was chosen to represent the school. “Leaving a legacy with anything I do is my goal for life,” said Jenny.


Senior, Joana M. was delighted to have her art included in the mural. “I’m grateful to show off my skills in this mural because in the future, if I get hired for a job in the arts, I can come and show where it all started.”


When students walk into the front doors of Cheyenne, the bright colors of the mural greet them. The mural positively depicts Cheyenne’s sports teams, the marching band, graduation, and other images that reflect the positivity and talent within Cheyenne’s walls.


Ms. Diodati, one of the creators of the project and an art teacher at Cheyenne, discussed the details of the mural. “These ladies wanted to show their compassion and care for Cheyenne and Las Vegas. On the mural are images of school jerseys, team spirit, celebration, graduation, and the finished product will have sports and clubs along the bottom of the portrait,” said Diodati.


The four winning artists stayed after school and dedicated themselves to get the mural completed. Ms. Diodati explained, “The girls drew it and painted it freehand–layer by layer–in acrylic based paint.”