Cheyenne’s JROTC Color Guard Has Exemplary Performances in Las Vegas Drill Meet


Cheyenne’s Color Guard teams have placed in two drill competitions this school year. One of the competitions took place at Las Vegas High School this winter and another that took place at Cheyenne High School this February.

A JROTC Color Guard consists of four members: two people carrying a school-approved simulated rifle, a person carrying the national flag, and a person carrying a state flag. Each team is graded in the competition by how well they perform a routine and execute movements.

A drill meet is where JROTC teams from different schools perform competitive routines. Cheyenne’s Color Guard is divided into three teams: A team, B team, and C team; each of the Cheyenne teams competed with other CCSD teams during the drill competition.

Sergeant Major Schoolfield, the senior instructor of Cheyenne’s JROTC program, expressed, “The thing that makes our Color Guard stand out is the dedication of its members. These are patriots. When I say patriots, I’m not saying they all have to be United States citizens, I am saying that they believe in the United States flag. So, these young people take their time to practice, to learn all the movements required to properly present our United States flag to the public.”

Sergeant Major Schoolfield ensures that Cheyenne’s Color Guard teams practice routines correctly. Under his guidance in the Las Vegas High School drill competition that took place during the winter, A Team came in first place; B Team earned second place; and C Team also earned second place in their first competition. On Saturday, February 3rd, our teams competed in Cheyenne’s annual drill meet and Cheyenne’s B team placed second in their category.

Froilan L., the captain of the B team, expressed what he believed made his team place. “Getting used to the teammates and having that friendly nature helped us place.”

Schoolfield explained his feelings about the teams that did not place in the winter or February meet. “I really don’t judge what someone put down on paper as far as number one or number three. When I look at my Color Guards’ as they are competing, I know that they are the very best, and no one really did outdo them. I know they left their best on the drill pad, and I’m always proud when I see them,” Schoolfield stated.

During every drill meet, the Color Guard isn’t the only team to compete. Our JROTC program also has an armed team, unarmed team, and PT team that competes during drill meets.

Sergeant Major Schoolfield has pride in the whole battalion of Cheyenne’s JROTC. “What makes our battalion special is a combination of two things: first and most important, cadets. We have some of the best young people our city has to offer right in this program. And then the staff I hired. Those three staff members: First Sergeant Horton, First Sergeant Vega, and Master Sergeant Knutsen. I don’t think I could’ve found three more dedicated professionals that love what cadets stand for more than what I have selected.”

Our teams are all practicing for their upcoming drill meet hosted by CCSD. Luna F. states that his team is doing a lot of preparatory work, “Practice helps. We are covering what we need to work on.”