Cheyenne’s Armed Drill Team Seeks to Improve Its Performance!!!


By: Kaijzah J. & Emma H., Staff Writers

On February 3rd, the JROTC Armed Team from Cheyenne High School, eleven other schools in the Nevada region, and two in the California region competed against each other for top recognition.

Armed Team Competition comprised of being judged on alignment, details, marching, and calling commands.

First Sergeant Kimberly R., co-captain of the Armed Team and junior at Cheyenne High School, discussed the purpose of competition. “The point of competition is to show what Cheyenne High School is really about to other teams from different schools.”

The Armed Team cadets are taught different techniques when it comes to properly holding the rifle as it is also a part of what is  judged, and they

practiced for two months until the date of the competition, working hard to get prepared.

During the competition, the Armed Team performed well but made a few preventable errors.

“I felt that our team did well, but it was the details that hurt them” Master Sergeant Knutsen stated after getting the heart-wrenching news that the Cheyenne High School Armed Team did not place in the competition.

Kimberly R. expressed her thoughts about the competition. “Well we’re thinking of improving our alignment for sure and definitely our rifle control, plus taking inspection more seriously since the next and final competition will be more competitive.”

Kimberly R. also stated, “You need to be precise and have to be able to hold a rifle without shaking.

Overall, First Sergeant Kimberly R. and Master Sergeant Knutsen felt like this competition was more of a learning opportunity and insight on how the team can improve.

“The Cheyenne High School’s Armed Drill Team is like a big family. Once you join it, you become part of it. Every team member is there for each other. There is never a moment where one teammate isn’t cheering another on,” said Kimberly R..

Cheyenne’s JROTC Armed Team is practicing to improve their weaknesses in hopes of bringing home a trophy in the CCSD JROTC Drill meet Competition on April 11th.