Laughs and Victories at the Cheyenne Improv Competition

Laughs and Victories at the Cheyenne Improv Competition

By: Yunique W., Staff Writer

The Drama Club at Cheyenne High School won this year’s improv competition, defeating more experienced rivals and helping Cheyenne students become more skilled at improv.

Improv is an off-script informal acting exercise that helps actors improve their acting skills. The focus of improv is to help actors be more expressive and comfortable with performance.

Mr. McLemore, Cheyenne’s theatre teacher and director of the Drama Club, explained the way in which competitions help theatre students. “Competitions such as improv help my students exercise their creativity on their feet!”

Winning something like an improv competition requires true skill, as improv is one of the most difficult types of acting. Cheyenne’s Improv Team has evolved into a strong force in the Las Vegas improv community. The team possesses confidence in their acting skills, which leads to winning.

Jamar C., Cheyenne senior and member of Cheyenne’s Improv Team, recalled the feeling of victory. “It feels good knowing we were able to win AND entertain a crowd!” said Jamar.

Although participation in Cheyenne’s Drama Club is designed to be fun and make others laugh, participation becomes more and more serious as the months pass during a school year. The club takes part in informal competitions where groups of Cheyenne actors compete against one another to have fun and prepare for formal competitions.

“Towards the end of the semester are the more serious competitions where they compete in front of real judges,” expressed Mr. Macklemore.

Stay tuned for more information about Cheyenne’s Drama Club! Cheyenne looks forward to continued success from its improv team!