S.A.V.E. Club Feeds our Community


Students Against Violence Everywhere (S.A.V.E.) is a Cheyenne club organized by science teachers, Ms. Naziri and Ms. Shumsker, along with the club’s president Brianna R. The club recently served their community by volunteering with Three Square Food Bank to feed those who may be in need of a meal.


Three Square is Southern Nevada’s only food bank, which provides food assistance to Clark County, as well as Lincoln, Nye, and Esmeralda counties. For two hours, Cheyenne students put assorted fruits and vegetables into bags for local people in need.


One of the participants, Jared U., described feeling ‘successful’ and ‘accomplished’ after helping Three Square. He then explained the positive effects of their efforts. “With us packaging (the food), I know for sure someone will get it earlier than having to wait.”


Cheyenne students worked together to pack 457 food bags for food insecure people in our community. The club emphasizes students standing up against negativity by doing community service projects and by raising awareness for causes such as domestic violence, bullying, hunger, and various diseases.


Ms. Cheri Shumsker, a club organizer and freshman science teacher, explained that S.A.V.E. club believes this activity and other activities reflect the positive message they are trying to spread. “There are lots of different things that we do for this club, but it’s basically about kids standing up against negativity,” said Shumsker.


S.A.V.E. Club gains immediate gratification for their actions, therefore, students get to witness firsthand the effect of their work. At the Three Square event, low income seniors received grocery bags. Similarly, Cheyenne students received grateful and positive reactions from those locals.


President of S.A.V.E Club, sophomore Brianna R. describes the club as “a bunch of people coming together to help out and do better things with ourselves and with our time.”


The club will continue to spread positivity throughout Cheyenne and the community with their upcoming Multicultural Festival at Cheyenne on March 15th. S.A.V.E Club meets Tuesdays in Ms. Naziri’s room for those with questions or concerns, or for any students who want to join.