Cheyenne’s Junior Varsity Softball Is Ready for a Fantastic Season!


Tiyonne L. and Kieory H., Staff Writers

Head Junior Varsity (J.V.) Girl’s softball coach, Carla Mummer, has her sights set on an electrifying season this year. With 3+ years under her belt, and a softball philosophy for individual greatness, Mummer revealed to us her perspective and goals as a coach.


The J.V. squad is there to perfect basic skills of softball to prepare them for the next level. Coach Mummer broke down what she expects from J.V. and her approach to coaching.


“I always want to win, however, I don’t expect to win every game. As long as they put forth their best effort, I can accept losses,” explained Mummer.


Mummer also discussed the life skills that her team teaches players. “This teaches young women individualism and independence, improves their overall physique, and shows them how to be team players and work with others to achieve a common goal,” said Mummer.


Every coach has their own philosophy about how sports can influence a person’s life. Mummer revealed in detail how sports can have a positive effect on one’s future.


Mummer explained, “My philosophy is, if you’re not having a good time, then you’re not doing it right. Your goal should be to pursue something that makes you happy.” Mummer also conveyed how sports can help players in life. “Sports teaches you how to set ground rules for yourself, how to be an individual that a team can depend on, whether that be in sports or the workforce, and people who play sports tend to make better decisions.”


Cheyenne softball player, Madelynn K., discussed how Ms. Mummer‘s coaching technique has affected her. “She wants to give everybody an opportunity. Everybody does it, everybody is going to be involved. They begin practicing and get that love for the game when she coaches. Even if you’re struggling and not advancing like everyone else, she encourages everyone that they can do it and that practice is key. It makes you think, ‘hey I can do it,’” said Madelynn.


Conversing with Coach Mummer, she discussed her perspective of a “great athlete” and what characteristics and attitude toward sports and life they should possess.

“Great athletes are always enthusiastic and understanding and are leaders. They also know that nothing comes to them and that they will have to go after it. They are able to depend on themselves, and they don’t rely on others for their own improvement,” said Mummer.


The 2018 J.V. softball season began on February 26th. With Coach Carla Mummer’s philosophy and experience being applied–along with the full effort and hard work from the girls–the J.V. softball team will no doubt have a momentous season this year!