Cheyenne High School’s PT Team Wins 1st Place!!!


Mike C. and Corey G., Staff Writers

As a result of the team’s dedication and hard work, the Cheyenne High School Physical Training (PT) team won first place in a competition at Durango High School!


There were 18 schools that competed for a chance to earn trophies in various categories, such as the top 5 overall individual males and females, the top 3 overall male and female teams, and the top 3 overall combined men’s and women’s team.


“This year’s PT Team is the best that we’ve ever had in all my years of being here, and I’ve seen some great teams before,” said Sergeant Major Schoolfield.


This year’s team stands out for the collective camaraderie each possess aimed toward winning. The cadets have improved by not trying to compete against one another; rather, the focus was on team building which led to the team’s success. Additionally, no one takes full credit for individual victories.


“It’s the simple fact that we all respect each other, we’ve all seen each other grow, and we want to compete. We give each other respect when respect is due,” said Julian D., captain of this year’s PT Team.


Being an all-around balanced team contributed to the team’s success.  Previous teams had one or two extraordinary star members who would place individually, but Cheyenne has never had a PT team that placed together.


Sergeant Major Schoolfield mentioned the dedication the team has toward one another. “Every single day we allow them to be in here practicing. They’re doing it on their own with strength and speed exercises to pull each other through. Because they have such a strong group, they thrive off each other.”


The PT Team practices push-ups, pull-ups, the long jump, shuttle run (an exercise in which a cadet runs 60 meters back and forth 5 times to a cone adding up to 300 meters), and sit-ups for an hour everyday after school. It is this type of dedication and passion that led to the first prize award.


At the Durango meet, as cadets watched fellow teammates maximize push-ups (60 in 2 minutes), sit-ups (100 in two minutes), pull-ups (20 in an unlimited time span), and the long-jump (7 feet), there was never any doubt in the team’s minds who the winner would be.


Victor D., a medal winner for number one overall individual male, explained the dedication necessary for a PT win, which included a strict diet to ensure he was in peak physical condition before the competition. “All I drink is water and soy milk. I’ll eat poultry. I started going to the gym everyday at 16. Right now I’ve been going to the gym consistently for 1 year, 7 months, and 14 days.”


This season, the PT team also competed with 16 schools at an official CCSD PT meet held at Chaparral High School. The men’s PT team finished third overall and had the number three overall male, Julian D.


Currently, Cheyenne’s PT team is in the off-season and the 2018-2019 season will begin in September of 2018. All instructors are ecstatic to see the returning cadets as well as the new recruits who will fill the vacancies of graduating and non-returning cadets.


“There’s always room for improvement, even if you come in first place, because you’ve got to get new people into top shape for a competition,” explained First Sergeant  Horton.