Archery Club Comes to Cheyenne!!!


Samantha M.C., Staff Writer

An archery club has been developed at Cheyenne High School under the guidance of gym teacher, Dorothy Martin and will become a competitive sports team by next school year.


Coach Martin, who’s been teaching at Cheyenne for 27 years, is the club’s advisor. She has been practicing archery for 14 years and has been instructing the sport for five years.


“I love it here. I love the students that I work with, and I like the programming that they have allowed me to do,” said Martin.


One of Coach Martin’s reasons to start Archery Club was to help players with strength, coordination, and muscle memory. In archery, students learn to tune out all distractions and begin to develop stronger arms, core, hands, and chests. Some other benefits of joining Archery Club include: camaraderie, individual challenge, and a guaranteed spot on next year’s varsity team.


Ahleeyah T., a current member of Archery Club, explained her reason for joining. “It could help me in the real world. If I were lost in the woods, I would have archery skills to help survive.”


The club is currently just for fun, but by next year, it will be a co-ed varsity sport.  Archery intramurals just started, and during intramurals, members compete for spots on the up and coming varsity team.


“It’s competitive in the room with the people who are currently taking it. Next year they’ll be doing tournaments and competing against other schools,” said Martin.


Those students interested in becoming members can contact Coach Martin Tuesday through Thursday from 2:00 to 3:30 P.M. in the crossfit room inside of the gymnasium.