Mythology and Folklore Class: A Creative Supplement to the English Curriculum!!!


Jaidan T., Staff Writer

The Mythology and Folklore class at Cheyenne High School engages students in a manner that is different from core English classes.


In this elective class, students learn about gods, goddesses, heroes, and other mythology. Mrs. Fry, who has been teaching English at Cheyenne for seven years, noticed students were interested in myths, so she decided to offer the elective.


“Students like reading about something they enjoy, and mythology is really popular because of the Percy Jackson books, video games like God of War, and movies,” said Fry.


Typical classwork for this course includes reading popular Greek and Roman myths such as The Iliad and The Odyssey. Students participate in oral reading of the plays to bring the stories to life.


“I like this class because it’s a break from the usual things we learn, and the stories are funny and interesting. We get to be a little less serious. Very lighthearted. I like that we get to choose parts to play because some people do funny voices and the stories are comical,” said Kayla M., a senior in the mythology class.


Many of the students in the class enjoy the fact that there aren’t a lot of strenuous tests and busy work. The focus is mainly on enjoying the content and creating drawings inspired by the myths.


“We read about Greek and Roman Mythology, Zeus and Hera, and all of the gods, goddesses, and heroes. We also do some folklore from different parts of the world and creative projects based on these topics,” said Fry.


The Mythology and Folklore class is open to all grades, and since there is only one class period available, it is recommended that interested students visit their counselor early in the registration season before no seats are available.