Cheyenne’s JROTC Program Attends Junior Cadet Leadership Challenge Event!!!


Kaijzah J & Emma H, Staff Writers

Over 30 students who participate in Cheyenne High School’s JROTC program were selected to go to the Junior Cadet Leadership Challenge (JCLC) held at the Fort Irwin, California military base.


JCLC is a program where cadets are taught the basics of the military lifestyle and the LDRSHIP philosophy, which stands for Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless service, Honor, Integrity, and Personal courage. The cadets also won awards for showing heroism, leadership, and physical fitness. To get one of the awards, cadets must show great bravery, selfless service, and pass a physical fitness test.


Cadet Sergeant First Class Victor D., a junior at Cheyenne High School, explained how the experience prepared him for his future in the Marines. “We got to experience some basic form of military lifestyle. It’ll help me in the future because I know what time we are actually getting up for boot camp. It also showed me marching skills.”


During JCLC, cadets work as a team to complete physical training, land navigation, and a simulation of weapon usage. These exercises build a great bond between the cadets who are often separated by rank. During this event, the focus is helping one another succeed.


Cadet Corporal Lizbeth E., who is a sophomore at Cheyenne High School, discussed how the camaraderie boosted her self-esteem. “Not having a rank there was nice, but I felt at some points like I was able to be my own rank or a higher rank. It was a good feeling making sure the cadets were doing good, helping to motivate them in tough situations. We were all there supporting each other as a family.”


At the beginning of JCLC, cadets were having difficulties with specific things, such as waking up early for physical training, getting to know new cadets, and learning to cope with new responsibilities. When JCLC was coming to an end, cadets started to adapt to the changes and learned from the experience.


Cadet Corporal Lizbeth E. stated, “The pro is that it made you have an experience of what the army is like if you go into National Guard. The con is that we had to wake up early for physical training.”


Next spring, Cheyenne’s JROTC program hopes to attend JCLC again. In order to participate, students must be in the JROTC program.