Cheyenne High School Prom: A Memorable Night for the Class of 2018!!!


Ceeria G. & Carlos P., Staff Writers

On April 14th, Cheyenne seniors gathered together for the last celebration dance of the year. Prom was a magical night put together by two English teachers, Mandi Harenberg and Derek Riddle who created the theme, “A Black Tie Affair,” to inspire an elegant, yet fun atmosphere.


There were more ticket sales than Harenberg and Riddle predicted, and many attendees stayed after the Prom King and Queen were announced to dance the entirety of the night.


Ms. Harenberg, event coordinator, explained, “The Fabrizio Banquet Hall was the best venue. They were very easy to work with, and everything went smoothly. They set up everything how they said they would, and our decorators made it a fabulous night.”

Jesus E., a Cheyenne senior who attended prom, expressed his memories of the night. “The venue was amazing! The decorations made the night come true. All the sweets and beverages they served the students were perfect! I don’t know if the most exciting moment was seeing my peers looking beautiful or capturing our last night together so nicely.”


The event featured DJ Mizzy-Matt who was referred to Harenberg and Riddle by a Cheyenne student. Some other surprising features of the night were an ice sculpture shaped into the numbers “2018,” a table full of delectable snacks, and the most perfect seats for the Prom King and Queen to sit on.

Anthony W., another senior prom attendee, commented on the ambiance of the night. “Prom was a fun experience. A lot of different looks there; I got the feel that life is about to hit, that I’ll never get prom back again. I’ll remember all the memories we made and that we had fun.”


Paula L. and Nick C. came out victorious winning Prom King and Queen, but even those in the Royal Court who didn’t win were still happy with the amazing memories made at the event.


Tayon W., a senior who ran for Prom King, explained, “Although I didn’t win Prom King, my night was amazing, and my close friend Nick C. won fair and square. Prom has been the night I was waiting for.”


Nick C., Prom King, said, “I was privileged to know that my school supported me enough to win. I was nervous because out of all the years I’ve run for something, I can say this was the best competition yet. Great job to the class of 2018 for voting me Prom King!”


Paula L., Prom Queen, explained her feelings about winning. “I feel good. I honestly didn’t think I was going to win, because it was tough competition–but I liked the competition. I didn’t really want to promote myself as much as I could have, because I feel like if my peers wanted me to win they would vote for me without me forcing them to. The most memorable moment about winning was hearing my name, and I was honored to win!”


According to Mr. Riddle, this year’s prom was a great success. He and fellow coordinator, Ms. Harenberg, worked hard for the venue to reflect the elegant, yet fun vibe they’d hoped for. Both especially enjoyed seeing the vibrant energy of the students while enjoying their night. This year’s seniors made it a night to remember with tons of laughs, different looks, and the happiness they all brought to one another.


Jesus E. exclaimed,“Prom was so much more fun than I expected! It was a great way to close out my senior year, and I can’t wait for my next big day!”


The prom was the first milestone for the class of 2018 in moving toward pursuing their goals after graduation! Thank you to event organizers Mr. Riddle and Ms. Harenberg and to the graduating class of 2018 for a memorable night!