Cheyenne’s Staff and Students Unite to Create a Memorable High School Experience!!!


By Mike C. and Corey G., Staff Writers

Cheyenne High School has evolved over the years and given its students more opportunities through the addition of clubs, classes, and activities. These opportunities have increased students’ motivation, contributing to the record-breaking 92% graduation rate (the best in North Las Vegas).

Nick F. is the first student in Cheyenne’s history to earn acceptance to the U.S. Naval Academy and is also a valedictorian candidate for the class of 2018. He described Cheyenne as a very unique school where students can interact with a diverse community. Nick F. explained that he favors Cheyenne over any other school in the Las Vegas area. “It is what you make of it,” he stated.

A variety of newly added clubs provided opportunities for students to participate in activities that appealed to their interests.

Formal clubs, such as Skills USA, were created to teach students the skills necessary for success in the professional world. Informal clubs were also created for those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, such as the Ping-Pong Club and the Game Club. In addition, Cheyenne added social clubs such as the Black Student Union (B.S.U.) and The Student Organization of Latinos (S.O.L.) whose roles are to promote cultural awareness and inclusivity on campus. Finally, an Outdoor Adventure Club was created for students who like to be involved in nature.

Paula L., current Student-body President and another candidate for the valedictorian spot, stated, “I feel like the clubs this year are definitely building the culture of Cheyenne. We’re all working together to raise awareness for each and every club and just to make Cheyenne more fun.”

Over the past few years, Cheyenne has added many new classes to improve the curriculum. Three new Career and Technical Education (CTE) classes were added: AP Computer Science Principles, Bio-Medical Science, and Crime and Justice. The science curriculum was also further diversified with the addition of a Zoology class. The Jobs for America’s Graduates program, or J.A.G., is a class for students to explore a variety of careers through real-world experiences. Finally, Journalism I & II and Speech and Debate were added to the English curriculum to help Cheyenne students improve their communication and writing skills.

Briana R., a second-year student journalist, explained, “Joining the journalism program sophomore year brought out the best in me. I have become better at writing and socializing by writing articles, doing interviews, and getting involved. While interviewing students, I gained confidence and social skills. As for the writing part, I can now say, I am a strong writer.”

At Cheyenne, teachers and administrators invest a lot of time and resources to ensure all students are getting the best educational opportunities possible. They are constantly attempting to assist students in growing into fully-developed citizens. Cheyenne’s staff is wonderfully caring!

Sergeant Chance Martinez, a former Cheyenne High School student and a current Marine recruiter for the Southern Nevada area, explained the changes he’s seen in Cheyenne over the years. “Every school location, regardless of the circumstances, has its own issues. I’ve seen a mass improvement with the individuals wanting to achieve something [at Cheyenne].

Over the years, there has been a major positive shift in the atmosphere at Cheyenne. Students may not realize how much teachers sacrifice and how hard they work to ensure students’ success. “Teachers are more caring here than most other schools. They are more connected to the students, and they try to keep them from making bad decisions,” expressed Sergeant Martinez.

Mrs. Bromley-Norwood, Computer Science teacher and leader of the CyberPatriot program, introduced new CTE courses to Cheyenne: Computer Science, AP Computer Science, and an Advanced Studies class. In addition, she invested countless hours and finances putting the new classes together to benefit students who are looking for a career in a technical or engineering environment. Bromley-Norwood also initiated the CyberPatriot program, which allows students to learn computer coding and take part in competitions designed for students to apply skills learned in the computer science program.

Aside from clubs and classes, Cheyenne also engages students in artistic endeavors. In the fall of 2017, Cheyenne students united to paint an inspiring mural on the main entrance doors. The mural symbolizes Cheyenne’s positive community and includes bright, vibrant images to represent the creative spirit of Cheyenne students.

Often, students who participate in school innovations or improvement efforts are those in student council or sports, but this mural was a perfect representation of how all of Cheyenne students contribute something extraordinary to the school.

Jenny M., whose art is featured in the mural, explained the effect on Cheyenne students. “I think the mural shows high school culture isn’t only about social status; it’s about breaking molds and creating a path toward dreams. It’s about power to the local dreamer.”

In addition to the new classes and clubs, Cheyenne has implemented the restorative justice program to aid students who would otherwise be suspended. School counselors and administrators wanted to understand why certain students get in trouble in an effort to prevent suspensions. The restorative justice program gives students who have made mistakes a chance to tell their side of the story to a council staffed with student body leaders and staff members. The restorative justice council then renders a decision, allowing the student to reestablish his or her standing in the Cheyenne community.

The improvements made at Cheyenne have expanded the potential for students to achieve academically and socially. Every Cheyenne student has the opportunity to be a part of a club, class, or activity to help them discover and pursue their goals!