Cheyenne’s English Department Holds Junior Poetry Slam!!!

Cheyenne’s English Department Holds Junior Poetry Slam!!!

Isiah R., Staff Writer

Cheyenne held its second annual Junior Poetry Slam. The poetry forum was initiated and conducted by eleventh grade English teachers to enable students to display their poetic skills.

English teachers enjoyed watching reluctant students gain the confidence to communicate in front of others.

Poetry slam participant, Diana M., explained, “I couldn’t give up knowing everyone was watching, so I kept a calm head, although I was worried.”

Throughout the poetry slam, students have expanded their writing abilities, gained public speaking confidence, and learned to write in more creative ways. Many students weren’t afraid of getting up to perform, but were more afraid of not having positive feedback from other English students.

“My favorite part of the performance was seeing how supportive my classes were of one another,” said Ms. Rosen, an eleventh grade English teacher at Cheyenne.

Each eleventh grade class wrote different forms of poetry. Ms. Muhammad’s class wrote limericks and acrostic poems. Acrostic poems require a student to spell out the name of a friend vertically and create a poem using each letter in the author’s first and last name.

Ms. Rosen’s class wrote free verse and lyric mash poems. The lyric mash poem must contain 20 lines from 5 different songs and have a consistent rhyme pattern.

“I was happy to see students who feel they may be very different from one another express similar emotions on the same topic. I feel like the event brought students together,” said Ms. Muhammad.

Eleventh grade English teachers plan to continue the poetry slam tradition for all upcoming juniors.