To Win, Cheyenne’s Newest Football Coach Focuses on Creating Well-Rounded Players!!!


Kiantera N., Staff Writer

Patrick Ward, Cheyenne’s newest football coach, hails from the state of Texas and plans to use his years of experience to improve Cheyenne’s football team.

Ward has coached football over 40 years and is all about creating well-rounded athletes. He believes it is important to focus on a player’s mental and physical state to win games. He also focuses on each player’s attitude to instill communication, accountability, and responsibility.

“There’s not any secret to winning. Our mission statement is to use the game of football to make them successful at home, in the classroom, and in life after football,” said Ward.

Ward believes that academic success trumps athletic success, and he makes sure his players are putting their best efforts into their studies.

“It’s all about their education,” he says. “I want them to go to college and become something that they have a passion for.” Coach Ward has also partnered with four solid, academic members of next year’s student council to take part in 30 minute tutorials before every practice.

To prepare players for the regular season, Coach Ward plans to implement a particular method in the off-season conditioning program.

“It’s all about being bigger, faster, and stronger. The Bigger, Faster, Stronger program is what I’ve used from the University of Nebraska since 1980,” said Ward.

The team also completes rigorous daily practices that consist of lifting weights, working on defense and offense, special 7 on 7 teams, and Ward sarcastically added, “doing what all kids love to do…sprints.”

Coach Ward is anticipating a successful season. “We’re going to win! We’re American, and American people don’t want anything to do with losing!”

Cheyenne’s 2018-2019 football season begins on August 17th against Cimarron-Memorial High School.