Cheyenne High School Teacher is Accepted into Prestigious Leadership Academy!!!


Tiyonne L., Staff Writer

Cheyenne High School eleventh grade English teacher, Mandi Harenberg, was selected to attend the CCSD Teacher Leadership Academy. Only those candidates selected by their principal for leadership potential and dedication to education are eligible to apply for this competitive program.

The Teacher Leadership Academy teaches attendees how to become powerful leaders within the school and how to increase instructional skill.

Harenberg explained why she believes in being a lifelong learner. “I always try to push myself to learn new things; I’ll always want to be better and better. I always learn from my students; I learn how to be a better teacher from my students,” said Harenberg.

A former student of Harenberg’s explained how her positivity and guidance had a substantial impact on his life and the decisions he made in and out of school.

Twelfth grade student, Delvon L., stated, “Mrs. Harenberg comes in to tell everybody hello. If she sees you need help, she’ll always ask. Once I got to know her, and she started helping me with decisions, making sure I was okay at home, that really made me respect her.”

After she finishes the yearlong program, Mrs. Harenberg has many ideas for applying the new knowledge she’s obtained to help her colleagues.

Harenberg stated, “I want to be able to lead my peers in different initiatives on campus to make Cheyenne the best place it can be. I’ll have a different perspective, and I would hope that the things that I will learn will apply to my classroom and to my teaching.”

The Leadership Academy begins in mid-September. By next school year, Harenberg hopes to begin the new year by inspiring her peers with a new perspective of leadership. Congratulations Mrs. Harenberg on your new journey!