Competency-Based Math and Early Graduation Classes Now Offered at Cheyenne!!!


Katelean A. & Johnalyn J., Staff Writers

Two new classes at Cheyenne High School are giving students the opportunity to challenge themselves in an advanced setting.


Students who had high scores on the Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) test in middle school are chosen by the principal and the math strategist to be placed in a Competency-Based Math class. The Competency-Based Math class is set up for ninth graders who are excelling in their current math classes. When these freshmen become juniors and seniors, they will be ready to take college-level math classes online for college credit.


Ada Wallace, teacher of the Competency-Based Math class, explained how the class prepares students to succeed. “This class will help them to be self-motivated on trying to increase or accelerate in their math skill. Because it is online and they can go at their own pace, they don’t have to wait on their peers to move on, so they are accelerating at their own rate,” said Wallace.


Another class that was added this year to accommodate advanced students is the Early Graduation class which contains juniors that are on-track to graduate early. Students complete 11th and 12th grade English and U.S. History classes in the course of one school year. Students will earn three credits in total after the completion of this class, allowing for early graduation.


Mandi Harenberg, teacher of the Early Graduation class, explained some benefits of the class. “I’m hoping that they graduate early, because they want to and that they gain enough knowledge and skills to be successful when they move onto college. I’m trying to give them a lot of writing experience, because there is a lot of writing that happens in college. I’m trying to prepare them for college, in addition to getting them to graduate early,” said Harenberg.


The Competency-Based Math class is held in room 810, and the Early Graduation class meets in room 213. Students can visit a counselor to discuss possible admission to these classes.