Cheyenne High School Counselors Offer Academic Planning to Cheyenne High School Students!!!


Katelean A. & Johnalyn J, Staff Writers

Cheyenne counselors help all Cheyenne High School students plan for their futures by providing individualized feedback on their academic progress.

A new Nevada law, AB 117, requires students to be academically prepared for college. The existing law requires public high school students enrolled in eleventh grade to take a college and career readiness assessment.

Mrs. Hodge, head counselor at Cheyenne High School, explained the assessment. “What we are trying to do with each student is help them figure out their goals and dreams. We can help direct you in that. That may mean helping you choose electives wisely.”

All Cheyenne students are initially placed in the College and Career Ready program for academic planning, which includes completion of various coursework such as Career and Technical Education (CTE), Advanced Placement (AP), Dual-Credit (DC), or Work-Based Learning (WBL). Students can still obtain Advance and Advance Honors diplomas, but the College and Career Ready program ensures all students are college and career ready.