Key Club Benefits Cheyenne High School Students and the Community!!!


Celeste E., Staff Writer

Key Club, advised by Cheyenne High School CTE teacher Mrs. Bromley-Norwood, is a student-run community service organization that helps the lives of others by volunteering at multiple events around the city.

Recently, the club went to the Regional Training Conference (RTC) at a local high school to participate in different activities that teach the benefits of volunteerism.

Bromley-Norwood explained the excitement of RTC for fellow key clubbers. “The regional training conference is an event that no key clubber should miss, because students get to learn about different volunteer opportunities and meet other key clubbers.”

Besides RTC, Key Club volunteers for the Children’s Miracle Network Dance Marathon in the early spring.

“The Children’s Miracle Network Dance Marathon is an event which encourages key clubbers to dance for 8 hours straight in honor of those who can not dance at all,” Bromley-Norwood said.

Cheyenne High School students who join Key Club reap many benefits, such as the opportunity to win scholarships for college.

“If you are looking for a good career, being a member of Key Club looks excellent on college and scholarship applications,” explained the Vice President of the club, Jessica A.

Aside from the educational benefits, Key Club members obtain social benefits, including many opportunities to develop communication skills.

Cheyenne senior and club member, Nicki S., offered, “My favorite part about being in Key Club is improving my social skills, whether it be communication or organization. I get to help others and improve myself as well.”

Cheyenne’s Key Club meets every Wednesday from 1:30-2:30 P.M. to discuss and plan for future volunteer events. Anyone is welcome to join Key Club at anytime and can see the club advisor, Mrs. Bromley-Norwood, for more information.