Cheyenne High School Receives $33,000 in Donations from Generous Benefactors!!!


Trent A., Tiyonne L., & Emma H., Staff Writers

The Paul Padda Law Firm and the David Moradi Foundation have partnered with Cheyenne High School to provide opportunities for students to improve academic and athletic performance.


During a recent check presentation ceremony, Paul Padda presented Dr. Zachary Robbins, principal of Cheyenne High School, a check for $33,000. A portion of these donated monies derives from the generous donation of the David Moradi Foundation, which is a philanthropic organization that focuses on improving educational opportunities for underserved communities. The Moradi Foundation was able to secure a previously unobtainable ACT preparation program to help Cheyenne High School students prepare for the rigorous exam.


Mr. Padda explained his and Mr. Moradi’s belief that all students, no matter where they reside, should have the tools to improve the chances of attending a prestigious university.


Padda explained, “Genius resides everywhere, but you just have to have the tools to tap into the ability to succeed.”


Eleventh grade English teacher, Ms. Mandi Harenberg, was present during the check presentation ceremony to thank benefactors Padda and Moradi and explained how her students will utilize the ACT preparation program.


“My students, many of whom will be the first in their family to go to college, deserve a fair shot, and this tool will help them reach that goal,” said Harenberg.


One of Harenberg’s students who will benefit from the preparation program, Zniya G., was present at the ceremony as well. She explained, “Mr. Padda has benefited the school, because now a lot of students are going to study and try hard. He benefited me personally by inspiring me to study more to make it to college and be successful.”


In addition to the generous donations to improve student academics, Mr. Padda also donated monies to Cheyenne’s athletic and music education programs. Before Padda stepped in to help, both programs were underfunded and lacked essential materials for student success.


Patty Davidson, Chief Operations Officer for the Paul Padda Law Firm, explained that children should have whatever they need to succeed. In turn, the law firm donated $4,000 to the band program to purchase instruments and $5,000 to the athletics department to purchase helmets and shoulder pads.


Patrick Ward, head coach of Cheyenne’s varsity football team, commented that without Padda’s generous donation, his team may not have been able to achieve a winning season without sustaining injuries.


Band director, Siobhan Fergiels, presented a shield signed by all those students positively affected by Padda’s donation. One band student present for the ceremony, Karla R. expressed how the donation has changed music education at Cheyenne High School.


“I felt very excited. It’s a lot of money, and usually you don’t expect people to help out the arts or athletics. So it impacted me very greatly. I feel like now we can all play together, share our talent, and we can all be happy and have smiling faces,” said Karla R.

During the press conference, principal Dr. Robbins, Paul Padda, and Patty Davidson explained at length the benefits of partnership between private industry and public high schools. In fact, all encouraged more businesses to get involved in supporting their local schools.


Padda explained that public education has one of the greatest potentials to transform students’ lives. Padda’s parents were school teachers, and he recalled some of the difficulties his mother faced in that role. “Growing up, I saw the challenges my mom faced as a teacher; money had to come out of her pocket to buy supplies for her students,” explained Padda.


He went on to express, “Being a teacher is one of the most challenging jobs in America, and it’s not appreciated enough by elected officials.”


Davidson elaborated on the many benefits she and Padda have derived from partnering with Cheyenne High School, including meeting dedicated teachers and excited students. Explaining the emotional benefit of donating the firm’s time and monies, she expressed, “We’ve gotten more out of it than you all have.”


Staff, students, and community members at the press conference for the check presentation.


Mr. Padda and Ms. Davidson hope their partnership with Cheyenne High School will inspire others in private industry to understand the needs of public schools and to help in anyway possible.


Padda added, “Everyone wants to support our police and firefighters–and I support them too–but I don’t think enough attention is given to our high schools.”


On behalf of Cheyenne’s students, teachers, and administration, we thank the Paul Padda Law Firm and the Moradi Foundation for investing in the future of our community!


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