Cheyenne Offers Free e-books to Students!!!


Adam B., Staff Writer

Students at Cheyenne High School now have a convenient way to include reading in their lives–the Sora e-book app! 

Cheyenne High School students can gain 24/7 access to e-books by downloading the Sora app on their phones.

“It’s something that is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So even during the summer break, when the physical collection isn’t available, the eBook collection always is,” stated Cheyenne High School’s librarian, Mrs. Tomlinson.

Students are allowed to check-out three e-books at a time for up to three weeks.

“The fact that students are allowed to borrow books for up to three weeks is pretty amazing! With the Sora app, we have access to read books at anytime, especially since most students won’t forget their phones at home,” stated freshman, Jaylynn R.

Another freshman student, Donoven G., explained why he prefers e-books. “The app Sora helped me find new and interesting books to read and allowed me to become very fond of a large variety of authors. It’s also cool how there are achievements within the app.”

Throughout the years to come, Mrs. Tomlinson believes that the e-book collection will grow in variety and possibly allow textbooks to be accessed through the app.

Students can sign up for the Sora app in the Google Play Store or iTunes, and the username and password is the student’s ID number. If students have further questions about how to use the Sora app, Ms. Tomlinson can be found in the library for assistance.