Cheyenne Helps Prepare Nevada’s Next Medical Providers!!!


Kendra Q., Staff Writer

Cheyenne High School and Desert Rose High School have partnered  to offer Cheyenne High School students access to a medical assistant program that will teach students how to become medical providers.


The medical assistant program (held at Desert Rose High School) helps students to enhance and refine the skills and knowledge required to work in both the administrative and medical assistant fields.


“Students in the medical programs are able to earn their Nevada Certified Nursing Assistant License or their National Medical Assistant Certification,” explained, Zeola Braxton, the head of the medical assistant program at Desert Rose.


The program offers students a variety of beneficial instructional techniques, such as the hands-on learning experience that is interwoven within the program.


“Students learn to take vital signs, including blood pressure, blood sugar, and pulse.  They also learn the basics of patient care in a hospital setting,” Zeola Braxton stated.


Not only are students taught a variety of skills to become future medical providers, but the viewpoints and integrity of a student’s future is also impacted.


“It makes me work harder and think about my future in of become a pediatrician,” said, Emily G., a student at Cheyenne High School who participates in the medical assistant program.


In the near future, the medical assistant program will expand by offering internships and job shadowing.


All students are invited to join the medical assistant program; the only qualification to join is to have a desire to learn! Free transportation to and from Cheyenne is included! Interested students should sign up with their assigned counselor.