The Cheyenne Band Program Soars to New Heights in the 2018-2019 School Year!


Vanessa C., Staff Writer

The Cheyenne High School band program is exceeding expectations this 2018-2019 school year by offering a diverse musical experience to students.


The band program is under the direction of Ms. Fergiels, a Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (F.A.M.U.) graduate who has over 3 years of music education experience, and Mr. Broadnax, the assistant director, who frequently performs at The House of Blues and has many years of experience performing music. Together, they run the jazz, symphonic, concert, and marching band along with the wind ensemble.


“I love coming to work with students everyday,” says Mr. Broadnax. “I love the spirit and the energy. Everyone is really talented and puts forth energy and wants to see the program succeed.”


Band is a popular elective at Cheyenne and captures many students’ hearts. Students that aren’t familiar with instruments but love music can join a music class and discover firsthand what goes into making their favorite songs.


Justin R., a first year band student, has immensely enjoyed his first few months in the program. “People can make friends [through the program]. I like music, and I like playing music.”


Students are able to discover a new world and passion through the band program by learning about woodwind, brass, and percussion instruments. The variety of genres that the program has to offer never fails to keep students on the edge of their seats.


“I saw a lot of passion through the program, so I thought ‘hey, if I’m going to become passionate in something, I’d rather it be music’,’” states Karla S., a senior that’s been involved in the program all four years.  “I get to see people striving for the same passions and goals as me. It’s affected me a lot.”


Cheyenne’s band program has many different styles of music to offer students from jazz to marches and everything in between. For more information on the program, students can contact Ms. Fergiels in room 411.